How to lose belly fat?

Due to our eating habits, we may develop belly fat which is annoying to many. However, it is possible to lose belly fat by observing our diet and doing various exercises. Below are is a guide on how to lose belly fat.

Exercise ball crunch

Exercise ball crunch
Woman Doing Sit-Ups With Exercise Ball

This is one of the exercises which involves multiple muscles in your body and focuses more on your belly. What you need is an exercising ball. However, you will need to be more stable when exercising to avoid injuries and for more efficient results.

Follow this procedure:

  • Place your hands on your head;
  • Lift your torso up and down while bending down slightly;
  • Ensure you maintain stability for every crunch;
  • Always exhale when you are crunching and inhale whenever you are lower down;
  • Do 10-14 repetitions of 3 sets;
  • Walking or running;

Make it a routine to run daily at least for 3-4 kilometers. As you do this exercise you will be burning calories in your body and this will reduce the belly fat. Running is more effective because the body muscles are involved vigorously thus burning away the excessive fat in the belly. What you need is a good pair of shoes and discipline of running each day.


Recently, cycling has been ranked among the most effective way to lose belly fat. This is because cycling engages abdominal muscles so much. Averagely by cycling for 45 minutes, you are likely to lose 300-450 calories in your body and this greatly contributes to reducing the belly fat.


Elliptical trainer

Elliptical is very effective indoors exercises to lose belly fat. Ensure you are in the right training suit and have some water beside you to get started. Begin with a slow pace and gradually increase your pace of running on the Elliptical trainer. Doing it on a large group is another way to motivates you throughout the exercises.

Elliptical trainer

Belly fat shouldn’t be something to get you worried again because you can burn the belly fat completely with the above exercises with time. All you need is discipline and consistency in your exercising sessions.

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