Best Fitness Apps in 2020 – Quarantine Edition

So you’ve probably been using your phone a lot more lately, especially now that you’re working from home. However, are you using it in that most healthy way that you possibly can?

Well in this post I’ll be sharing my top four health and fitness apps that are the best fitness apps that you can have, especially if you’re working from home. It’s your first time here.

My first favorite app – Nike training

So the first app is the Nike training app. This app is made by Nike and I love this app. One of the specific reasons why is because you can customize your workout. Not only can you choose what muscle group, whether it’s upper body, lower body core, but whatever it is that you want to focus on, you could choose it. 

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You can also base it off of your time availability. So if you think about it, if you only have 20 minutes in between like a meeting you want to get something in, you can do that and choose 20 minutes and then lastly it goes by the amount of equipment that you have so you can either do bodyweight and no equipment lightweight or you have a full-fledged gym.

The second thing I love is that you have a person showing you how to do the exercises. It’s not live but it’s a real person who’s showing a correct form and it’s like really, really cool that they do that throughout the whole workout. And the last thing I love is the premium feature.

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I don’t use it, I’ve done the trial before but it’s a six to eight-week program that you can choose whether it’s OG using improving your flexibility, your strength. I’m getting a little bit more toned but you can go do a six to eight-week program that’s very customized based on what you have available to you. 

My second favorite app – My fitness pal

My second favorite app, and I’ve talked about it before, is My fitness pal. My fitness pal is extremely, extremely helpful to understand what your intake looks like.

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Now that I’ve been tracking my food since working from home, I’ve noticed that my diet has changed and shifted from when I was working. I was just eating whatever was on hand and I wasn’t thinking about nutrition.

I was just thinking about access, tracking that through my fitness pal, I was able to see what I was doing wrong and how I could turn it around. And then another great feature of my fitness pal is they have a huge library of different foods and its search function.

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So basically I’ve gone to different restaurants in New York City and they’ve had them in there. You could scan barcodes at a grocery store if you’re going to find whatever it is that you need to find. In my fitness pal. 

My third favorite app – Sworkit

My third favorite app is called Sworkit is an ad specific workout app and wow, it’s good if you think about it, if you’re sitting at a desk all day, especially if working from home, you’re going to put a lot of strain on your lower back.

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And the best way to support that is to have a really strong core. And this app they separate the workouts between app-specific. They also have something that’s more core focus, which is something I recommend to a lot of you.

And then finally you also have the absolute apps which cover both, which is doing core as well as abs.

And that’s the one that I typically do the most. You can set it to a specific time that you want to.

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So whether it’s like five minutes or eight minutes or 10 minutes. What I like to do is I started from like four minutes and then each week OD progressive by about 30 seconds to a minute.

And then now my Brown like nine minutes, 10 minutes. But it’s just super cool how you could do that. And you can see how you’re progressing. 

My fourth favorite app – AutoSleep

My fourth favorite fitness app and the one that I think is very severely underrated is my AutoSleep or sleep watch app.

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It’s super important to understand how you are sleeping each night because that leads to the amount of energy you have the next day as well as how productive you are the next day.

So one of the main things I love about this app is the fact that you can see the different levels of sleep, whether you’re in deep sleep, light sleep, if you have interrupted sleep, where you restless, it goes through all those you could see based off of the different timeframes, what level you are at.

And this is super helpful to understand if you’re getting really good quality sleep. Another feature that I love is the fact that it will alert you when you should start getting ready for bed. So something I’ve been starting to do is keeping my phone away from me at my desk and turning off all the lights, turning off any type of blue lights and reading before I go to bed.

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And what that does is it helps my body just to relax and get ready to go to sleep, and I think that’s a super, super useful, especially when we think about apps nowadays. We need apps that give us that next step.

It’s great to understand how much weight we’re lifting. It’s great to understand like where we stand, how much sleep we’re getting, but that next level inside is what we need. It’s having a health coach in your pocket. 

Question of the day, what is your favorite health and fitness app that you have on your phone? Let me know in the comments below because you never know. You might know something that somebody does or something that I didn’t clarify, so please put it in the comments below.

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